Spreading Creativity through Graphic Design, Website Creation and Company Branding


chrysChrys Creations was founded in 2007 by Chrys. A Graphic Designer who was tired of large corporations and nine to five schedules getting in the way of creation and creativity. Chrys had only one goal in mind when starting Chrys Creations and that was to spread creativity throughout the world without limitations and boundaries. That goal still stands today. Chrys is the Customer Service Representative, the Graphic Designer, the Website Developer & Programmer and the Accountant. There are no middle men and no third parties. Chrys works with you from the pre-planning stage all the way through the final touches. That means that you deal with one person the whole time. There is no “I will email the webmaster and see if he can write that script for you.” or “Let me get in touch with the designer to make that graphic.” not even “I will talk to the billing department and see if I can arrange a discount”. Chrys is your one and only point of contact. Chrys’s main goal is customer satisfaction and building lasting professional relationships. Chrys specializes in Company Branding because she is a natural with colors, layout and balancing. She creates a consistent look and feel for your company and applies it to all the design materials from the logo, business cards, letterheads and the brochures all the way to the website and email messages.